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    Make this Summer One Your Children Will Never Forget!

    The summer is the time of year you get to spend extra time with your children. Why not make this year a memorable one? Instead of relying on television and toys to entertain your children, consider upping the ante and making the most of your time with them. You can take them on lavish trips, head off to amusement parks and enjoy their favorite movies with them. Everything doesn’t have to be about spending money – it’s all about spending quality time together. You can use the following tips to help you plan a summer vacation that your children will cherish forever.

    Create an Itinerary

    You likely get only two weeks off each year, so plan around this. Make plans for every week of the summer you have your children, so you know exactly what you’re doing in advance. This will be helpful for budgeting the costs of events and remove the headache of trying to figure out what to do at the last minute. You can make plans on the days you’re off and for the two week vacation you take off every summer.

    Go to Local Attractions

    Don’t overlook the attractions that are in your city and neighboring towns. Are there any that your children never been to? Maybe there are some newly built places that the entire family can enjoy. Check online to see what you can find nearby. Going to local attractions helps support the economy and save on gas and lodging. Some attractions you may find appealing include museums, theaters and parks.

    Plan a Barbecue at the Park

    A picnic is great, but what’s even better is a barbecue. You can bring your grill to a local park, along with outdoor toys to enjoy. You can bring water guns or water balloons to help cool off. Try to find a park next to a lake, so you can enjoy some fishing, swimming and other fun on the water.

    Go to an Amusement Park

    Amusement parks will always be a fun option for families with children. Make sure you consider their ages, so they can actually get on the rides. Depending on where you live, you may need to plan a road trip to the destination. If it’s really far, you’ll need to book a room at a hotel. You can sometimes find deals on park tickets and local resorts.

    Build a Lego City

    Now, for the stuff that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can show your kids your building skills with Lego blocks. Buy blueprints for different so you and your children can attempt to build a major city, theme park or dinosaurs. Your options are only as limited as the amount of Legos you buy, so make sure you have plenty!

    Planning a summer of fun for your children doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Make sure of local attractions, toys and the great outdoors to help make this year one to remember. Get input from your children to see what they’d like to do this summer.

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