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    Living in a Rock pool makes me Crabby

    You would think that with a big set of pincers and weird eyes out on stalks that very few creatures in this rock pool would mess with me, well you’d be wrong. I’m a hermit crab and apart from scary Sharks, weird looking Cuttlefish, or any flippin fish for that matter, outragedOctopuses and slimy Squid, I’m totally fine. What’s worse is that unlike those other crabs I have to find a shell! I don’t get born with one like those fancy Brown Crabs or Cancer Pagurusas they prefer to be called. “Ewww, look at me with my shell”, they go. Always that strange sideways walking they do. Jokes on them, you lot eat them but not me, I’m too small.

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    Don’t go thinking I get it easy. For example, when I grow too big I have to ditch my shell and find another one leaving me even more vulnerable to attack. I ask you! This nomadic lifestyle is not for me.  I see you lot up there with your fancy Serviced Apartment Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bristol, Brighton. Ridiculous. If I could get the internet down here I’d be straight on to and start finding me a little slice of heaven. They’d have to flood the apartment though; not sure they’d be that willing to do that.

    What do I like to eat? Well I’m glad you asked that question though it might be better to ask me what I don’t eat. I will eat anything mate, absolutely anything. Stuff you lot drop like fruit, that’s quite nice, things that wash up on the shore, bit of grass if I can be bothered to wander that far generally I’m really not picky. Bit of a confession squire, I’m not adverse to trying a bit of poo! Don’t you judge me! It’s better I eat it rather than you step in it!

    What I need is an Anemone. They hang out on our shell making us look all big and imposing. If any fish comes by they are out with the tentacles and gives um one right on the nose. Take that you glowing git, I’m referring to the Cuttlefish there of course. Yeah, they are a bit of a weight as it happens but their kind of worth it. Shame of it is, when I shed this shell they don’t come with me. Not the sharpest tools in the rock pool.

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    Woah, what’s that tickling me ivories! Oh, it’s my old mate the bristle worm. Don’t worry about him, he’s just cleaning me up. Thanks mate! Eats all the scraps so he does, very helpful. Maybe things aren’t too bad, I suppose. Just got to take it one day at a time.
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