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    Set Smart Goals for your Home Based Travel Agent Business

    Setting goals is important to the success of your home based travel agent business. In order to improve your chances of successfully attaining those goals, though, make sure they are SMART goals. SMART goals tend to have all of the following elements:

    • Specific

    Making the goal specific makes it clear what is expected. Rather than making a general goal to increase your hotel bookings, specify that you want to make five more hotel bookings than the same time last month, for example.

    • Measurable

    Goals need to be set in terms of being measured. Going back to the hotel bookings example, making a goal that you want to double your bookings for May is something that can be easily measured.

    • Attainable

    While there is certainly something to be said for setting the bar high, any goals you set should still be attainable. Attainable goals make effective allocation of resources easier. In addition, being able to reach those goals because they were accessible helps build your confidence and motivation. Doubling your bookings for May is something that could be attainable. Having the most bookings in the industry during that time period might not be, though.

    • Relevant

    Make sure that each of your goals has the underlying factor of being relevant to the success of your business. In order to reach that May bookings goal, for example, plan your marketing schedule out well in advance. Don’t start your scheduled advertising for your May bookings with the May issue of your favorite travel magazines, for example, and expect to be able to reach your goal.

    • Time based

    Open ended goals tend to be those that are never reached. By putting a deadline on something that you want to attain, you are more likely to put in the work to make it happen. Not only is putting an end date on your goal a motivating factor, it helps with the allocation of resources. Endlessly funneling time and money toward a goal that seems never-ending can be both frustrating and a drain on your travel agent business.

    By following the SMART system of setting goals, you increase your chances of successfully attaining them. Even if you don’t quite reach your goals, though, the SMART system provides a checklist that makes it easier to go back and discover weaknesses in the goal-setting process so you can learn from it for the future. Follow this link to find out more information about become a travel agent

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