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    tourist attractions in Cardiff

    Top five tourist attractions in Cardiff

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small walk”- Lao Tzu

    It is said that travel widens our knowledge and broadens our mind. The simple reason behind this is that when we hit the road we happen to interact with a lot of people, which keeps us informed about new and fascinating things in life. I consider this to be the reason why many young people are really crazy about travelling.

    If you are also one among the list of globetrotters or wanderlusts, come along with me to explore the best tourist spots in Cardiff. Standing majestically on the banks of an estuary of the river Severn, Cardiff is certainly one of the most visited tourist spots in Great Britain. I will help you to know a little about the 5 top tourist attractions in Cardiff.

    1) Cardiff Castle: Located at the heart of the city, Cardiff castle is a world class heritage attraction to a number of travelers around the globe. This castle is a group of three fortresses. Another wonderful castle added to it during the year 1090 makes this spot really beautiful. Now you can see a lot of magnificent buildings constructed with the passage of time. The main attractions in this place are the clock tower, banquet hall etc.

    2) Cardiff Bay: It is a fresh water lake which was successfully regenerated recently. It houses a lot of residential buildings, hotels, parks and theatres. Some of the relevant buildings here are pier head building, the Senedd, an ancient Norwegian Church, which was renovated during the year 1992. The remarkable piece of the building the national assembly of Wales is also located here. You can also find Techniquest. It is the place where everyone from toddlers to college students can learn a lot.

    3) ST. Fagan’s National History Museum: St Fagan’s National History museum is one of the best- preferred locations in Cardiff by locals and those in the know. It is an open-air museum, which has a lot of attractive buildings like cottages farmhouses on it. A lot of festivals also happen here including The May Fair, Harvest festival and Christmas festivals etc.

    4) Caerphilly Castle: This castle is an ancient one which is believed to be built during the 17th century. This was built to strengthen England’s power over this area. This building is made to become bigger several times and the paintings inside this building speak volumes of the war which was fought between England and Wales. This is a castle widely talked about by the people for its strong and well- built walls, round towers and an artificial trench.

    5) National Museum of Cardiff: It is situated in the Civic Centre; it is a temple of historical collections. You would be absolutely delighted to see the exhibit about Wales because they display many fossils of the Dinosaurs which are believed to have lived here millions of years ago. It also puts on the show a lot of Stone Age weapons that are really worth seeing.

    In addition to these tourist hotspots there is a wealth of familiar yet luxurious hotels to stay at in Cardiff, including the centrally located Park Plaza and Hilton hotels. Both of these hotels lie just to the North of Queen Street – Cardiff’s main shopping street, and are also a stone’s throw away from the New Theatre.

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