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    Rebar couplers

    Choosing Rebar Couplers Over Lap Splicing

    Rebar is not something you would come across day in and day out, you might find rebar as a new term when you’re not into construction industry. However, it’s not rocket science, a little research is all you need to understand what rebar and rebar couplers do in the construction of mammoth structures.

    Rebar is a mesh of steel wires or steel bars which work well with concrete to make the building stay strong. You might have to weld the rebar when you need to extend the rebar, which is in most cases, rebar coupling is the better alternative to conventional welding. Some people prefer lap splicing over rebar couplers, lap splicing involves overlapping of two parallel bars to transfer the load.

    Rebar couplers vs. lap splicing

    Rebar Splicing has been in practice for quite some time to connect rebar in concrete construction, while rebar coupling is a recent technological advancement. People have a misconception that lap splicing are inexpensive compared to rebar couplers. However, when you consider the time taken, materials used, and other hidden costs in lap splicing, oftentimes, the cost exceeds your expected cost.

    You might not settle for just about anything, you tend to go for something better and advanced than the ones you already have. There has been a lot of technological advancements in construction industry in the material used, steel designs, hybrid concrete, rebar couplers, and much more to make the process quick and inexpensive.

    Rebar coupling is considered as a better and advanced method over the traditional lap splicing. Lap splicing systems depend a lot on other external factors, like the bond between steel and concrete to transfer the load. Rebar couplers are independent of the existing concrete surroundings and other conditions, making them ideal for your building over lap splicing and welding.

    Your column length might be increased when you go for lap splicing, while rebar couplers avoid the unnecessary congestions and unnecessary increase in column dimension. Lap splicing requires tedious calculation to meet the existing construction laws in your locality, rebar couplers come with little to no calculation to install them.

    If might be an ideal option to go for new and improved rebar couplers over lap splicing, if you wish to finish your project early. It might as a surprise to find the hidden cost involved in lap splicing, like the time taken to prepare and material used to form the lap splicing, it’s recommended that you go for rebar coupler over lap splicing.

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