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    Jandia Playa: the ideal place to disconnect

    Sometimes people go on holiday and end up coming back feeling worse than they did before going. For this reason, make sure to choose wisely as not all destinations are best for relaxing and disconnecting from routine. To be certain, why not opt for the Canary Islands, specifically Jandia Playa in Fuerteventura where you can enjoy the sun, tranquil beaches, delicious gastronomy, excellent transport links, services and an abundance of nature…

    If you have never heard of Jandia Beach then you have no excuse as by now you should have already visited if you’re a fan of relaxation, infinite beaches, summer sun sets, the mountains and outdoor sports. We forgive you though, because this gem is hidden away in Jandia in the extreme south of Fuerteventura: a superb place that, not until a while ago wasn’t connected by land and only existed as a gateway to the entrance of the Atlantic.

    This curious appearance of the island is still evident today even after the currents and the passing of centuries have united Jandia with Fuerteventura as expected. Located in the locality of Pajara, Jandia is made up of pleasant touristic fishing villages that emulate a family-fun ambiance. Some of these are: Costa Calma, Morro Jable, Jandia Playa, El Matorral, Cofete, Esquinzo and Piedras Caídas.

    The beaches in this area of Fuerteventura are extremely sandy (so there isn’t such a high demand of people, even in high season) with small waves so you can enjoy a tranquil swim by yourself or with the little ones. Therefore, of your idea of a great holiday is to go surfing, it would probably be better for you to head to the north, to the beaches surrounding Corralejo, where you’ll find ideal spots to surf the Atlantic waves.

    Jandia Playa is in the south and the south is calm. This zone means diving, sailing, hiking the Jandia Nature Reserve onwards towards Cofete (the stunning beach, hidden on the other side of the mountains of Pajara) and visiting Morro Jable where you can enjoy a picnic on the port just by where they catch fresh fish, which is one of the best delicacies in this zone. Jandia Playa is definitely a peaceful paradise in which to relieve stress and and disconnect from the frantic rhythm of city life.

    Accommodation is yet another advantage Jandia Playa has to offer: there are all types of hotels and aparthotels. There are those for adventure lovers, modest ones for a weekend break and 3 or 4 star hotels to enjoy a week-long holiday under the sun without having to worry about anything.

    The best hotel spots are in Costa Calma, where you’ll find hotel chains like H10 and Esquinzo. There are also 3 IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts hotels located in Jandia Playa: IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas  and its sister hotel: IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park. In Morro Jable, the hotels are smaller even though, nearby, you’ll find one of the largest ones: Barceló Jandía Playa.

    Morro Jable is an excellent town in this part of the island. It’s a charming fishing village where tourists have made their mark via the shops and services which work more in the favour of visitors than locals. Even so, this zone is the least touched upon in all the island and so it’s perfect for experiencing a purer ambiance. Pubs are very popular here and their food is famous on the island.

    Transport links within Jandia and to the rest of the island are very good. You can reach the north of the island in approximately an hour and a half. The Fuerteventura airport, located in the capital: Puerto del Rosario, is an hour and 15 minutes away on the motorway. The ideal way to fully enjoy your holiday would be to book your holiday together with a hire car so that you travel around all the island and visit the place’s most beautiful and hidden sights without having to depend on public transport.

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