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    Where to look for construction jobs

    The UK job market is always in the news. As unemployment rises and graduates struggle for work, it’s a continually changing landscape. Following the economic downturn and the recession, both individual people and certain industries have been hit hard. However, whatever your chosen field there are still various opportunities available to you.
    Construction jobs have been in the headlines a lot over the last couple of years with the effect that the Olympics have had on the market. The project has created thousands of jobs for those in the construction sector, from all over the country. However, this could be seen as a one-off. A huge job. But when it’s over, what happens then?
    Look to the bigger firms
    If you’re applying for a job in the construction industry, you’re advised to look towards the bigger firms. Not only will this potentially stand you in good stead to get work on the one-off jobs like the Olympics, you may also find it easier to get any form of work.
    Reportedly the bigger firms are experiencing a disproportionately large rise in their average contract sizes. The figures show that it’s the smallest building firms which are suffering following the recession. The problem is that following the economic downturn the large commercial projects just aren’t there anymore meaning that the competition for what work there is becomes extremely intense. Bigger firms are now competing against smaller ones for the jobs they would once have ignored.
    If you’re looking for a job in the industry, you have to go with the companies that are surviving.
    Look to relocate for regeneration
    A number of towns and cities up and down the UK are undergoing regeneration projects, and with that comes the potential for building contracts and construction jobs. Take for example Milton Keynes, where regeneration projects are occurring for various housing initiatives, it may therefore be worth looking into Milton Keynes jobs in the construction sector.
    One of the reasons why larger construction firms are doing better than their smaller competitors is that they’ve been able to concentrate on acquiring government contracts, with much of the regeneration projects being in this form.
    If you’re a construction worker struggling to find regular work in your current location, it may well improve your job prospects to move to an area where regeneration projects are occurring as you’ll have more chance of securing work. This may require a little upheaval of your life for a while, but as things stand often this is necessary.
    Relocate overseas
    This isn’t such a crazy idea these days as families, as well as individuals, look to foreign shores for work opportunities. Companies such as have an online jobs board displaying current positions overseas, they also offer advice on the relocation process.
    There are great opportunities in various sectors and overseas work comes with a list of benefits; to improved living conditions to better tax rates. Countries such as New Zealand are crying out for specialist engineers and IT professionals. Take a look at some of the opportunities offered to foreign workers today.

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