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    Relaxing destinations for September

    If we were to be asked what we expect from this September, we would not hesitate for one second to answer: beach, and lots of it. We want the beach, silence and the chance to relax. Because summer is still here so we need to take advantage of it. It is true that it is again time for routine, obligations and stress that comes from school chores and extra curriculum activities. However, it is also true that it is not altogether impossible to take a few days to escape to the beach again, to say farewell to our holidays the way we deserve to.

    For this, we have selected 2 destinations in Spain that are surrounded by this philosophy of relaxing by the sea: Majorca and Huelva, 2 different sides to the natural coast of the country: the Mediterranean Vs the Atlantic; the ideal places to disconnect and lose yourself in nature.

    Majorca in September

    The stunning Mediterranean island is now in off-peak season and thus starts to return to its normal calm state. The decline of tourists means welcoming those seeking nature, tranquility and calm beaches. Residents take back the zones that, until now, had been flooded by visitors, leaving behind a more relaxing vibe to the island. Mallorca’s true spirit can reign and offer more than just beaches, but food and mountain zones that will make you forget about the rush and strain of city life, and having to carry your food in tupperware containers.

    In this sense, the north of Majorca is the most recommendable zone for staying pre-autumn. Pollensa, Alcudia and Muro are a trio of aces, combining the mountains, beach and agricultural plains with charming villages full of history.

    Places to stay:

    The best places are the beach of Alcudia and the famous and beautiful Playa de Muro. Miles and miles of white fine sand and calm water with hardly any waves and, the zone with the largest amount of wetland in Majorca: S’Albufera.

    Places to discover: The hidden coves within the zone which reach towards the lighthouse of Formentor. The route by car is a unique experience; following the bends around the mountain range until your eyes catch a glimpse of the ocean from impossible heights.

    Places to visit: Alcudia town and Pollensa centre. These are gems of local traditions, with narrow passageways, small artisan shops, museums, ruins and restaurants with typical food that will win you over at first sight.

    Huelva in September

    The coast of Huelva and the Costa de La Luz hide many magical spots for disappearing for a weekend and forgetting about everything, even your mobile. Choosing between these is are hard decision as each of these destinations hide real treasures to discover. Punta Umbría, El Portil, las Marismas del Río Odiel, El Terrón…

    Out of all of these, the beach of La Flecha de El Rompido is our best bet. This is one of the few untouched beaches you can find in Spain as it has remained in perfect condition and maintains a unique form, consisting of a small shallow inlet of sea at the mouth of the Piedras river, which invites visitors to enjoy an incredible serene paradise. This area is ideal for a couples escape; far away from anything or anyone. Read in the sun, take a nap or spend the afternoon gazing at the sea- whatever you want.

    Places to stay:

    Try to stay as close to the beach as possible. Near to La Flecha there are many good hotels with great services for couples. This way, your stay does not have to be difficult and you can just enjoy the beach at your own leisure.

    Places to discover: the Las Marismas del Río Piedras marshes and their impressive colours as the day progresses. This play of lights and nature; water and fauna, come together to form the perfect setting to relax in. If you like photography, this place will win you over: you can take photos that will take anyone’s breath away.

    Places to visit: The village of Cartaya. You will love the lively atmosphere with streets full of local businesses and terraces. You will also love visiting the parks to enjoy the shade and learn about the historical monuments that date back before the Roman Empire.

    When planning your trip, specific information about Majorca, the destination and its surrounding zones can be found on the Alcudia Mallorca MunicipiEcoturístic website. For excellent practical and well-located accommodation, try Garden Holiday Village. For those who decide to visit Huelva, the Turismo El Rompido website offers interesting leisure offers in the area. If you are visiting with your partner, the adults-only Garden Playanatural Hotel & Spa is a good option.

    Essential Cities in 2017

    Summer holiday destinations have little or nothing to do with the destinations that one begins to consider from September. Those places we tend to book outside of the high season and places that are not only based on the classic sun and the beach. We like the cities, especially the big capitals with a good cultural offer, ideal for those months in which the heat is not to excessive and one can enjoy a little outdoor sport.


    When the curtain closes on the month of August, we turn our sights to places such as Madrid, Seville or Barcelona. Yes, the great cities and their excellent attractions return to fashion. For those who do not travel in summer, it is true that we later enjoy our holidays and we usually take long weekends or weeks of 7 to 10 days in areas with different plans on offer: sea, mountain and city. Those three keys combined, always ways works.


    A city with feeling

    Seville, for example, is a city that should not be missed this 2017 but which is evidently ruled out every summer. The extreme temperatures that characterise the Seville capital mean that no one in their right mind organises a holiday during in the month of August. Not until September do the afternoons start to feel a little fresher on the terraces and in the squares.


    Arab gardens, museums, monuments at every step, alleys like open doors that do not lead directly to the heart of the little squares crowded with local people talking and laughing in groups savouring a fresh beer with tapa of salmorejo or jamon … Seville promises good living, gastronomy and nightlife. Its people, full of energy and good humour, will help you connect with this capital city full of colour and joy.


    The great Mediterranean capital

    Barcelona has another style. Its cosmopolitan character makes it less genteel and more sophisticated. However, leaving the centre and looking for accommodation in the fashionable neighbourhoods you will find a world of cultures where you can immerse yourself and discover the real Barcelona: the one that welcomes immigrants of all nationalities, who supports the new ideas and standout designs, the city that is very European, very international without abandoning the local essence.


    Museums, theatres, squares and terraces, vintage shops, Vermouth market, tapas and areas for walking with rooms so famous that they by themselves attract a large amount of the tourism that the city recieves. Barcelona is a conglomeration of activities, which makes it impossible not to find something entertaining, something to have fun with and enjoy a completely different day from the previous ones. Raval, Poble Sec, Eixample, Montjuic … Each neighbourhood, each district offers a worthwhile history.


    Getting around Seville or Barcelona is very easy and economical if you opt for public transport. If you decide to discover its surroundings and leave the city, we recommend renting a car, otherwise, you can get around easier by metro, bus or taxi. Regarding the topic of the accommodation, the most interesting hotels are those that are between the 3 and 4 stars and are located near the historical centre of the city. The signature boutique hotels such as Vincci or Petit Palace are some of the most expensive alongside the Catalonian chain, highlighting, for example in Barcelona, ​​the Petit Palace Barcelona and, in Seville, the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, in the same Santa Cruz neighbourhood, next to the Cathedral. To see prices and offers, it is best to go to their official websites.



    7 things you need to see/do in Dubai

    In Dubai everything is gigantic, enormous, heightened to maximum potential, lavish and without limits. This city of monumental size and frenzied life is also one of the most recognised references for international tourism seeking to discover the incomparable exuberant culture of the United Arab Emirates. Discovering Dubai takes a lot of time and reading whilst trying not to get lost among all the colours, aromas and sensations that encase this capital from the streets to the skyscrapers. Here, we have for you the 7 things you must do in Dubai to really make the most of your holiday. Pen and pencil at the ready… Have a good trip!

    Bur Dubai. Otherwise known as Downtown Dubai, is located on the western part of the river and is the historic district of the capital. Here, you will discover the best ambiance, enjoy a wide choice of nightlife, monuments and museums; have fun in the parks or leisure zones; relax in the best hotels and go shopping… Do not forget to visit the impressive Burj Khalifa, where a multitude of attractions await you and where you can admire the best skyscrapers in the world. If you are looking for comfortable and high-quality accommodation at a good price, you can find it easily here. Some, like Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa or Mövenpick Hotel offer good rates and location.

    Grand Mosque. You can visit this by heading through the Bur Dubai or by staying in the historic district of the city. Although you will find many different mosques wandering around Dubai, the Grand Mosque is recognised not only by its temple, but also by its minaret, which is the tallest in the city and offers spectacular views.

    The Dubai Fountain. Of course it is the largest fountain in the world. Seeing it at night is a show in itself because the water becomes all different colours with a dancing light display at the bottom of the fountain. Surrounded by buildings, this is the best place to admire the beauty of the terrace of Dubai Mall, in front of the side of the Burj Khalifa. Take advantage of organising an afternoon shopping trip in the zone and afterwards dine there to enjoy this incredible sight.

    Palm Jumeirah. The grand artificial island of Dubai is where you will find nature and sea. By air, you can see how perfectly formed the construction of this city’s symbol is. Here, you will find beautiful beaches, various sport marinas plagued with luxury yachts and, of course, exclusive residential zones and infinite skyscrapers.

    Spice Souk. In a place called Dubai Creek is where you can enjoy a truly magical place. This is a spice souk with the most exotic aromas imaginable. Full of life and colour, this souk is one of the most recognised and famous in Dubai. It is located in the Deira zone, where you can appreciate the charming streets and traditional ambiance, the complete opposite to the modern side of the capital.

    Sky Dubai. This city is full of surprise, one of which is, without a doubt, Sky Dubai. A place where you can snowboard as if you were in the Alpes: 20,000 m2 of covered ski slopes, at the same temperature as even the highest mountains with a chairlift and other facilities. Yes, ski in the desert. There is nothing you cannot do in Dubai.

    Safari in the desert. Apart from the wide choice of leisure and business in the city, Dubai is actually a desert and if you travel away from the capital you should not miss out on discovering this up close and personal. There are a number of qualified companies that organise safaris that will allow you to discover the sea of sand dunes and incredible fauna that surround the capital.

    Destinations for a May getaway

    Long live May, the sun, the terraces and the cities where the streets are always full of life. Long live Seville, Valencia and Barcelona: our May destinations for organising a trip away with your partner or friends. Get ready to take advantage of the fact that the majority of hotels in these destinations are now available at very reasonable prices. The same goes for flight fares due to the current low season. 


    Olay! Before the summer heat hits and the streets are engulfed in the baking hot sun, Seville is the ideal destination. The city is full of life, with exquisite cuisine for the biggest food lovers (the tapas are always elaborated using the best ingredients) and the cultural agenda is jam-packed with programmes. Enjoy the authentic ambiance of Seville in the city centre.


    In the middle of the Old Town you’ll find many choices for accommodation, some are very cheap but also very clean, comfortable and worth staying at. However, if you want something that pays more attention to detail then it’s probably best to book a stay at a 3 or 4 star hotel in Seville with reasonable rates and all types of services in the heart of the city. For example, Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Hotel Sevilla Macarena or Murillo Hotel.

    Move around, on foot. You’ll discover the best of Seville walking around and enjoying its taverns, flamenco stages and people. The evenings are incredible and, apart from the centre, the liveliest and most legendary zones is Alameda, where you’ll discover all kinds of local bars and restaurants for enjoying a drink or meal.


    The Spanish Levant is always a sure choice before summer hits. The months of July and August should be avoided but now, in the middle of spring, cities like Valencia offer a wide variety of proposals for enjoying a long, leisurable and relaxing weekend. From the exquisite Valencian paellas, rich aperitifs on the terraces and the unbeatable choice of cultural experiences (museums, galleries, cinema, theatre, outdoor shows…). The beaches are another must-see, although, careful, as the Mediterranean Sea is still a bit nippy at this time.

    Accommodation is always a headache to organise but you’ll actually find it easier now between May and June when these months before high season allow hotels to offer guests stays at competitive prices. It’s now when you can stay at a 4 star hotel in Valencia city centre at an excellent price. With that being said, you have to spend a lot of time consulting and comparing prices and location. Our recommendation is to opt for a hotel in the centre and forget about driving for a few days. The heart of the city offers everything you need without having to complicate things. Some hotels offer guests a garage so you can securely leave your car and go walking or using public transport.

    In this sense, the most complete hotels are near to the cathedral and the main institutional buildings like Petit Palace Bristol. However, there are also some not too far away from the Old Town. For example, Hotel Sorolla Centro and Hotel Eurostars Gran Valencia.


    We could never miss out the most beautiful city in springtime. The grand capital of modernism, where art and dynamism shine as bright as always under the first rays of sun. The activity in these months previous to summer, when the city starts to break away from the winter, is frantic. The selection of cultural activities is so plentiful that it is simply impossible to try to fit them all in in one trip, no matter how long we would like the weekend to last.

    Barcelona is both good for city and beach breaks meaning that you could combine a little bit of everything if you put aside enough time for the perfect getaway (7 days is perfect). If you go by train or plane, you’ll be better off staying in the city so you can enjoy Barcelona to the max: all its museums, shops, hidden corners, narrow streets and long nights of partying.

    Choose a hotel that is as close as possible to all the historical districts. Accommodation prices in Barcelona aren’t cheap but it’s true that if you start looking as soon as possible and remain patient, you’ll find something that combines quality and price perfectly. Take a look at hotel websites like Petit Palace Barcelona and NH Barcelona Centro, where you can always find special offers. If you find that the centre is too expensive, don’t be afraid to leave it as the city boasts a good public transport network within all neighbourhoods and the taxi service is also quite good.


    Following, you can review some of the abovementioned hotels so that you can start comparing and choosing your accommodation. These hotel websites also offer useful tourist and cultural information about these ‘destinations of the month’: Petit Palace Bristol Valencia, Petit Palace Barcelona, Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Lonely Planet Barcelona, Lonely Planet Sevilla and Lonely Planet Valencia.

    Hoteles de lujo diseñados para sorprender

    Hay hoteles de lujo… y hoteles de lujo. Y cuando uno paga un 5 estrellas lo que busca siempre es que ese alojamiento vaya un poco más allá de lo habitual. Este concepto que muchos usuarios tienen en mente está siendo recogido por el sector hotelero más puntero y reflejado en colecciones de hoteles especiales que se diseñan precisamente para eso: para sorprender.


    Un ejemplo cercano, puesto que nace dentro de una de las grandes cadenas hoteleras españolas, son los hoteles de The Grand Collection, una exquisita selección de los mejores alojamientos del grupo, todos ellos 5 estrellas y todos con un diseño y una decoración, instalaciones y servicios tan excepcionales que hablan por sí solos.


    Dentro de esta colección, unos sorprenden más que otros. Hoy aquí vamos a subrayar aquellos más innovadores, revolucionarios y llenos de inspiración. El IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Portal Nous, uno de los últimos en estrenarse, es la mayor representación de que un hotel de lujo siempre puede ir más allá.


    Se trata de un 5 estrellas a orillas de la tranquila playa de Bendinat, una de las zonas residenciales más exclusivas de la costa oeste de Mallorca, al lado de lugares icónicos como Portal Nous o Andratx. Su interiorismo lleva la firma del incomparable Marcel Wanders, que ha dejado su sello especial en todas las suites temáticas del hotel.


    Además de su excelente ubicación, este hotel es como una ventana al mar, un refugio pensado para los viajeros más selectos que buscan un lugar en el que escapar del bullicio y donde dar rienda suelta a sus aficiones, sus deseos y caprichos y su imaginación desde la más absoluta intimidad y libertad. Los exteriores dan directamente a la cala de aguas cristalinas, donde se ubica un animado beach club, ofrece increíbles terrazas de diseño vanguardista que miran al horizonte y unos jardines llenos de recovecos en los que descansar y pasear. Por supuesto, la atención es totalmente personalizada y hay servicios a medida de cada huésped: golf, spa, gastronomía gourmet, fiestas temáticas…


    Al otro lado del continente, en Budapest, encontramos otra de las joyas de esta colección de lujo. Su nombre es de los más conocidos en el mundo ya que coincide con el de la gran película de Wes Anderson, IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Budapest. Al contrario que el anterior, se trata de un hotel urbano dirigido sobre todo a altos ejecutivos y a figuras importantes de la alta sociedad europea, si bien todo viajero que quiera disfrutar de una experiencia de altísima calidad en alojamiento dentro de Budapest debería probarlo al menos una vez en la vida.


    Aún con las limitaciones que siempre presentan los hoteles urbanos respecto a la creatividad en servicios que puede ofrecer el espacio, el Grand Budapest combina todo: restauración, relax, trabajo, salas para eventos… Y un personal exquisito en el trato.


    La ubicación, como siempre pasa en los hoteles urbanos, lo es prácticamente todo y aquí este alojamiento se lleva la palma: está justo en la llamada plaza de la Libertad, en la zona de Pest, a un paso de las áreas financieras, empresariales y calles comerciales más exclusivas.


    Todos los hoteles IBEROSTAR Grand Collection se pueden reservar directamente desde la web oficial de IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts y desde la suya propia. En todas estas plataformas, se garantiza al usuario un precio especial, más reducido que en el resto de espacios de venta online de terceros. De modo que se brinda la posibilidad de poder acceder a algunos de los mejores hoteles de la cadena con tarifas más ajustadas a todos los presupuestos. Siempre teniendo presente que, evidentemente, son hoteles de alta gama y nunca van a costar lo que un 3 o 4 estrellas.

    Unas vacaciones para pasarlo “pirata”

    Si este año te has propuesto unas vacaciones con los peques realmente diferentes, toma nota de lo que te vamos a contar a continuación porque te traemos lo último en hoteles aventura: el Pirates Village Apartments, un alojamiento lleno de comodidades especialmente pensadas para viajar en familia y donde la imaginación y la fantasía son los protagonistas.


    Vacaciones 2017. Destino: Mallorca. Hotel: Pirates Village Apartments. Tú. Los niños. Y todas las ganas de disfrutar del sol, la playa y la diversión más auténtica en uno de los rincones más bonitos de la isla. Si este año quieres que los pequeños pasen unos días realmente inolvidables en verano mientras tú descansas a tus anchas, sigue esta hoja de ruta a pies juntillas y comprobarás el significado de la palabra va-ca-cio-nes.


    Idear un viaje con los niños no es fácil y menos si uno quiere sorprenderlos. Los destinos de playa son siempre un acierto, siempre y cuando sean destinos lo suficientemente maduros como para poder brindar servicios adaptados a las necesidades tan variadas que presentan las vacaciones en familia: ha de ser un lugar seguro, por el que moverse cómodamente, con opciones de alojamiento al gusto de cada tipo de familia, con alternativas de ocio para críos y adultos en los alrededores, una buena conexión con el aeropuerto y las carreteras principales, atención personalizada dentro del alojamiento, garantías en la reserva, posibilidad de organizar y reservar de antemano rutas y experiencias en el destino…


    Muchas cosas a tener en cuenta. Demasiadas, ¿verdad? Por eso hemos buscado en la red las mejores alternativas de viaje con niños para este verano 2017 y hemos dado con esta opción que, a nuestro juicio, no solo es una de las más divertidas sino también de las más ajustadas en relación calidad precio.


    El hotel pirata de Mallorca


    La clave de todo está en la elección de alojamiento que te proponemos. El Pirates Village Apartments, en Santa Ponsa, es uno de los complejos turísticos más mágicos que hayas podido ver jamás. Se trata de un conjunto de apartamentos para familias (143 repartidos en un imponente edificio de 4 plantas) integrados en un parque temático con atracciones acuáticas inspiradas en el mundo pirata.


    Entre sus instalaciones más valoradas por los huéspedes, destacan la piscina principal y la piscina infantil con divertidos toboganes y juegos ubicada en la zona del Pirates Bay, las áreas de solárium con cómodas tumbonas, la nueva Caverna Pirata Miniclub -donde los niños aprenderán jugando con otros niños de diferentes nacionalidades y en varios idiomas-, la siempre animada Taberna Pirata, el bar junto a la piscina (el punto de encuentro para los aperitivos bajo el sol)…

    Wifi gratis


    Ahora, además, podrás presumir de conexión wifi totalmente gratuita en todas las dependencias del complejo, para que puedas compartir tus aventuras en las redes sociales con tus amigos y familiares de la forma más cómoda y sin coste adicional.


    Las claves de la wifi se pueden solicitar directamente en la recepción del hotel durante el check in y tendrán validez durante toda la estancia. Se podrá utilizar en todos los dispositivos móviles y tablets así como ordenadores portátiles, dentro de los apartamentos y en las zonas comunes y exteriores.


    Garantía y experiencia


    Una de las cuestiones que más mira uno cuando viaja con niños es que el hotel elegido sea una garantía, tanto en cuanto a seguridad como a calidad en la atención y el servicio. La limpieza y la accesibilidad de los espacios también es vital, sobre todo habiendo niños pequeños y bebés por medio.


    De acuerdo con las valoraciones que los propios huéspedes han dejado sobre este complejo de apartamentos en Internet, alojarse en el Pirates VIllage Apartments es una aventura ideal para los peques y una garantía de que los niños estarán perfectamente atendidos y entretenidos en todo momento.


    La gestión de este singular hotel de apartamentos familiares en Santa Ponsa es de la cadena Gran Isla Hoteles, una de las más consolidadas de Mallorca, experta en el diseño de hoteles temáticos para parejas con niños. La web oficial de este alojamiento incluye todo tipo de detalles e información útil para conocer a fondo su oferta antes de reservar. Verás también ahí precios y tarifas especiales que te permitirán ahorrar en tus vacaciones sin tener que renunciar a nada.

    Best winter accommodations for 2017

    The snow season begins in the Pyrenees. Destinations like Lleida, Tarragona or Andorra in these months of January and February are the center of attention. Take a few days and escape to the mountains to enjoy the best winter sport: skiing. The hotels are prepared and this year there are many that stand out for their location and interesting offers at their usual rates.


    Choosing a good hotel for a snow getaway is not always as simple as it may seem. The variety of mountain accommodation near the main ski resorts in Spain, Andorra, France and northern Italy or Austria is such that finding something requires a thorough search, taking time to value every detail and service and compare the rates of each hotel. To help you in this process, here is a short list with the establishments that are presented this year with the most interesting options, in both prices and proposals.


    Lu & Bo Grau Roig Hotel & Spa.- This is a complete and exclusive hotel in Andorra designed for those who enjoy the snow, want a customized accommodation with all the comforts, and a really special charm. Within the prices of hotels in Andorra, despite being a luxury hotel, it offers the possibility to book with forfait and with very affordable rates. The hotel is at the foot of the Grandvalira ski resort, one of the most visited in Andorra.


    Plaza Andorra Hotels.- The entire chain of Plaza Hotels represents one of the most versatile and recommendable options for mountain vacations in winter. With several hotels in Andorra, located at the main points of interest of the country – Andorra la Vella, Canillo, Ordino… -, combine ski holiday packages with mountain excursions, adventure sports and relaxation and wellness plans. The rates are very interesting and the gastronomic services of the hotels too.


    Lu & Bo Castell d’Empordà.- One of the hotels of the chain Lu & Bo mentioned in the first lines of this article and one of the most unique that can be found in the Ampurdán valley in Girona. Gastronomy, oenology and relaxation in the middle of nature make this charming establishment on the Costa Brava a perfect place to lose yourself for a winter weekend. The rates to book in this castle of La Bisbal de l’Empordà, Girona, range from 140 euros per night and offer the possibility of sleeping in a historic Victorian building that Dalí himself wanted to buy in his day.


    Lu & Bo Castell de Riudabella.- Now fully in the portfolio of Lu & Bo Hotels, we can not fail to mention the elegant and imposing castle of Riudabella, which looks like something from the famous Monastery of Poblet in Vimbodí, Tarragona. It is an exclusive boutique hotel where the traditional and homemade cuisine offered to its guests is one of its main charms, as well as the beauty of its surroundings, ideal for excursions and winter sports. Rates for this start of 2017 are 125 euros per night.

    Alternatives for an ‘adults only’ trip

    Iberostar SEO

    How to organize a getaway with which to impress your partner? In Traveling with Sergio we offer you below a whole series of alternative plans and ideas to enjoy n ‘adults only’ trip in some of the most romantic destinations in Spain, the coast of Andalusia, Mallorca or Tenerife. You just have to choose where you want to spend your days off in the best company.

    From time to time you have to break the routine and escape the daily obligations. Surprise your partner with a trip, give a few days away from all the stress and in a completely new place, enjoy the little things that, are stolen from us in the end, by the tasks and duties of day to day living. If you have children, organize leaving them for a weekend with the grandparents or godparents and pack what you need to have fun and to rest in your own space. Now is your time.

    Though dates are important. If you’re one of the lucky ones that still have days off outstanding for this year’s final stretch, this season just before or just after the Christmas holidays is perfect for switching off and starting 2017 on a good footing. In addition, prices on flights and accommodation are greatly reduced if you avoid public holidays.

    If, like the vast majority, you are the ones who can’t count on holidays until next year, start planning now. Early booking offers begin in these months and lots of hotels and other accommodation start to put their rooms online with a 30% discount and some even higher. The trick is to find the hotel you are interested in and, from time to time, go through its official website: the rates on the hotels’ websites are always the lowest.

    Choose your destination

    Before the hotel, however, you have to choose your destination. We in ‘Traveling with Sergio’ recommend that you choose places where you can have guaranteed good weather. That is, the Canaries, the coast of Andalusia or Mallorca. Tenerife has guaranteed sun so that’s our biggest bet. On this island, you will also find a wide range of hotels for adults in Costa Adeje, an area that has everything for a romantic getaway.

    You can also opt for an All Inclusive hotel in Costa Adeje, as most offer special services for couples traveling and, if you go outside high season, you can enjoy the maximum peace without worrying about anything. Going with a budget fixed in advance to cover everything (food, drink, entertainment and accommodation) will allow you to totally enjoy the hotel and the wonders you will find both on the Adeje coast and in the village, that gives this zone in the south of Tenerife, its name.

    If you prefer a cheaper trip, the coast of Andalusia is always an excellent alternative. Traveling by own car you can save a good amount of money on flights and you can invest more in experiences at the destination. Within the southern seas, the coast of Cadiz is the most suitable for a relaxing break as a couple: the pristine coves that you will find in this area are unique in Spain. In addition, if you like water sports and the outdoors, you will this place more than anywhere. Surfing, sailing, hiking and golf are some of the options you’ll have at hand where you stay. You can choose a golf hotel in Chiclana or a hotel in the center of the city of Cadiz, if you prefer a more cultural, leisurely trip.

    Mallorca is our third choice of romantic destinations. In the area of Playa de Palma and the West coast, in the municipality of Calvià, you will find the best places to treat yourself to a few days away from everything, on the shores of the Mediterranean and with all the amenities at your fingertips. The prices in low season are very affordable, even though Mallorca is not a bargain destination.

    Adult-only hotels are some of the most advanced holiday destinations in Spain. Maximum care is taken of their infrastructures, the vast majority of hotels of this type have been recently renovated and include in their services technology and experiences specifically designed for those traveling as a couple or with friends.

    Tailored break

    Once you have chosen the destination, think about the best accommodation. Although a lot of people think that what matters in a trip is outside the hotel, the truth is that a stay is molded by many factors and the place that one chooses as base camp can make a holiday perfect, or become a real hell.

    Today, in the 3 and 4 star hotel range, it is very difficult to make a mistake but sometimes it happens. Therefore, it is best to spend some time investigating each hotel, the different services, which are included or not included in its ‘Adults Only’ and ‘All Inclusive’, what facilities they have and what is open in and out of season and, above all, what kind of rooms do they offer.

    If you are thinking of a romantic trip as a couple, then don’t skimp on the room but give yourselves a treat: the junior suites are in the middle price and always offer larger, bright areas with designer decor and better views (this is important if you are thinking of a seaside break). Additional amenities and services and personal care are also much better in a superior room than in a standard.

    To save on this aspect without giving up being able to enjoy this type of room, look in the offers, experiences and special packages sections of the country’s main hotel chains. Usually on their official websites they offer their clients customized deals for couples, friends or families. The rates are always lower and the only thing you are asked for in return is either that you adapt to the dates on offer (which can’t always be done) or that you book and pay the accommodation without the possibility of cancellation, refunds or last minute changes.

    Was Sie bei einemBoutique-Hotel auf keinen Fall versäumen dürfen…


    son-julia-boutique-hotel-gallerybuilding-external-view-garden-6Boutique-Hotels sind keine üblichen Hotels. Hierbei handelt es sich um Einrichtungen, die gestaltet, geplant und geschaffen wurden, um sogar erfahrenste Reisende zu überraschen. Warum das? Weilsich ein Boutique-Hoteldadurch kennzeichnet, dass es einzigartig ist und Erlebnisse bietet, die man am selben Ort in keinem anderen Hotel finden kann. Essindkleine Schmuckstücke, die für übliche Touristen, die mit Eile und knappem Budget reisen, versteckt bleiben, aber allen denen, die mehr aus ihrem Urlaub zu machen wissen, offen stehen.

    Boutique-Hotels in ihrer Art entstanden vor mehreren Jahren und waren zunächst mit städtischen oder sehr ländlichen Bereichen in abgelegenen Dörfern mit Charme verbunden. Nur selten konnte man ein Boutique-Hotel in Strandgegenden mit Massentourismus finden. Daswarso undwird auch sobleiben, denn das ist nicht ihr Publikum. Die Gäste einesBoutique-Hotelssindganz anders.  Sie suchen nachRuhe undLiebe zumDetail, nach gutem Essen, Stille, differenzierten Erlebnissen wie auch nach individueller und authentischerBetreuung. Zusammengefasstkönnte man sagen, dasssie eine gefühlsmäßige VerbindungzumHotelsuchen, die sie später immer wieder dazu bewegt, dorthin zurückzukehren. Eine Treuebeziehung, die aufdemVertrauen beruht, dassdas Erlebnis immer positiv und immer neu ausfallen wird.

    Die ausschlaggebenden Elemente eines guten Boutique-Hotels sind gerade diejenigen, die man sich nicht entgehen lassen darf, wenn man diese Art Hotels bucht. Hierbei ist nichtdasReisezielsondern das Hotel ausschlaggebend.Und im Hotel selbst sollte man auf ein paar grundlegende Besonderheiten achten: die Vielseitigkeit der Freizeit- und Unterhaltungsangebote in den Gemeinschaftsbereichen und seine Gastronomie.

    Kochen mitHerz

    Ein gutesBoutique-Hotel muss eine ausgezeichnete Verpflegung haben. Wenn die Gerichte außerdem mit son-julia-boutique-hotel-gallerydishes-2-copiaProdukten zubereitet werden, die in der Umgebung des Hotels, im eigenen Gemüsegarten oder auf Gütern im Ort angebaut werden, umso besser. Ökologie, Umweltschutz, direkte Beziehungzum Erzeuger ohne Zwischenhändlersowie ein gutes Team aus Chefköchen und Helfern sind die ideale Kombination: Aufdiese Art entstehen wahre Delikatessen! Weiterhin mussdie Gastronomie eines Boutique-Hotels eng mit lokalen Rezepten verbunden sein, d. h., sie muss einen Einblick in die besten und typischsten Gerichte bieten. Diese können jedoch aus den einzelnen Perspektiven des jeweiligen Autors mit seiner persönlichen Note zubereitet werden, was sie einzigartig macht.

    Das Erlebnis um das Essen herum ist auch ausschlaggebend: DerSpeisesaal unddie Terrasse müssen sehrgepflegtsein. Das Personal muss professionell, freundlich und offen sein. Es muss den Gast bei seiner Auswahl aus einem breiten Angebot dazu anregen können, was seinen Vorlieben am ehesten entspricht.Mariages und Anregungen bei den Vorspeisen eines À-la-carte-Abendessens können den Unterschied ausmachen, den jeder etwas erfahrene Gaumen auf Anhieb herausschmecken kann.

    Maßgeschneiderte Erholung

    Bei einem Boutique-Hotel sind Design undDekoration derZimmer grundlegend.Da diese Hotels einesehrgeringe Zimmerzahl (bis maximal 50 Zimmer) haben, können und müssen sie in jedem Zimmer Exzellenz bieten.Im Idealfallsind alle Zimmer unterschiedlich – in Bezug auf Möbel wie auch auf Stil.So können die Gäste jedes Jahr die Räumlichkeiten wechseln, ohne das Hotel wechseln zu müssen.

    Die Annehmlichkeiten in den Zimmern müssen sich auf die grundlegenden Bedürfnisse der Gäste konzentrieren, aber gleichzeitig derart gestaltet sein, dass sie sich als etwas Besonderes fühlen:Snacks nach Belieben, erlesene Getränke, Geschenke und Aufmerksamkeiten zur Begrüßung und zum Abschied, Notdienste, Gepäckträger, tägliche Reinigung mit Rücksicht auf die jeweiligen Ruhezeiten der einzelnen Gäste…

    Originelle Unterhaltung

    Die Gemeinschaftsbereiche zur Unterhaltungwie Gärten, Pools oderSportplätze – fallsvorhanden – müssen originellgestaltetsein, damitsie sich von anderen klassischen Hotels unterscheiden.Verspielte Pfade, künstliche Seen, ehemalige Ställe oderScheunen, die in neue Räumlichkeiten zur Entspannung der Gäste umgewandelt wurden usw. müssen das Aktivitätenprogramm des Hotels selbst ergänzen.

    Da die Boutique-Hotelsjedoch normalerweise wenigPlatzhaben, um Aktivitäten in ihren Räumlichkeiten zu veranstalten, müssen sie unbedingt individuelle Routen anbieten, um das Reiseziel kennenlernen zu können.Die BetreuungderGäste und deren Beratung dahin gehend, dass sie das Beste aus ihrem Aufenthalt machen, indem Sie die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort – aber nicht generell, sondern individuell an den jeweiligen Geschmack angepasst – kennenlernen können.

    Andere wiederumbieten in ihren Räumlichkeiten Programme an, damitdie Gäste sich untereinanderkennenlernen undgemeinsame Momente beimGrillen, bei Themenabenden oderbesonderen Partysverbringen.DasFeiern lokaler und tief verwurzelter Traditionen gehört auch zu den Anziehungspunkten, wenn es darum geht, das Reiseziel ausgehend vom Komfort des Hotels besser kennenzulernen.

    Ein praktischesBeispiel

    Das Son Julià Boutique Hotel gehört zu den beliebtesten Boutique-Hotels auf Mallorca. Es ist ein Reiseziel an sich und liegt unweit der Stadt Palma und ihren Stränden, aber inmitten einer einzigartigen Naturlandschaft auf dem mallorquinischen Land.

    Zu seinen Vorteilen gehören nämlich insbesondere die Entspannung und Ruhe:In den Zimmern des Son Julià Hotels kann man das Säuseln der Insel, die Meeresbrise und das Aroma der Felder weit ab vom Rummel der Stadt genießen.Sie sindgeräumig, unverbaut und bieten den Charme traditioneller mallorquinischer Zimmer.Die Möbelsindjedochvon erstklassigen Fabrikaten und bieten garantiert höchste Qualität.

    Die Gastronomie ist ein weitererVorteil:DasLas Bóvedas Restaurant öffnetseinen Gästen ein Tor zu den bodenständigen Geschmäckern Mallorcas.In diesem kulinarischen Rahmen stehen die Tradition, Bodenständigkeit, Einfachheit sowie Kreativität und Überraschung bei Gerichten aus erstklassigen lokalen Erzeugnissen an erster Stelle.

    Da essich um ein 5-Sterne-Hotel handelt, ist der Preis natürlich nicht günstig. Aber er ist in Bezug auf das Erlebnis bei diesem Angebot und der bleibenden Erinnerung sicherlich angemessen.

    Weitere Boutique-Hotels

    Deren Orte sind sehr ausgefallen, da – wie schon eingangs gesagt – das Reiseziel bei dieser Art Hotels nicht ausschlaggebend ist:Hier ist das gebotene Erlebnis das Wichtigste.Aus diesem Grund sind unter den von den Reisenden als beste spanische Boutique-Hotels im Jahr 2016 gewählten Hotels folgende hervorzuheben: das El Cresol Boutique-Hotel in Calaceite, das Salvia Hotel in Sóller (auch auf Mallorca und als Hotel nur für Erwachsene eingestuft); das Las moradas del Temple Hotel in Mirambel; das Petit Hotel Son Arnau Hotel in Selva auf Mallorca; das Terra Santa Boutique-Hotel in der Altstadt von Palma de Mallorca; das Rector Hotel in Salamanca und das schon klassische Abac Hotel in Barcelona.

    Charming Hotel in Sicily

    Sicily, land of ancient and full of charm, rich in history and traditions, is happy to welcome you and to tell their stories through the testimonies of its glorious past. This land is looking forward to surprise you with the many facets of its enchanting landscapes, often wild and unspoiled, but always beautiful in their simplicity.


    Land of volcanoes and beautiful coastline, Sicily exudes the aroma from the oranges and lemons, and will enchant you with the goodness of its cuisine, whose nature is diverse and closely linked to the various dominations that have occurred over the centuries .

    For those who want to visit this land so fascinating without sacrificing the relaxation that only a small environment can offer, the most suitable, pleasant and exclusive stay alternative is definitely choose one charming hotel in Sicily, a structure that memories in every way a warm and familiar environment such as your home without giving up the comfort and luxury that only one charming hotels can offer.


    Among the most charming hotels in Sicily we will suggest Tenuta Cammarana, in the province of Ragusa. Here, in this totally immersed in the green environment, it was converted into a beautiful charming residence of an ancient palace restored with great elegance. The beautiful terrace, from which you can enjoy a beautiful sight at sunset, is the ideal place to have a drink or to relax while admiring the Sicilian hills. Inside the structure it is also a large library for avid readers.

    Every night at dinner guests of Tenuta Cammarana will enjoy the excellent meals prepared by Silvia and Giuseppe owners with organic produce grown by them. Guests can choose to dine in the inner room, where attention to detail and soft lighting create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, or in the beautiful garden surrounding the hotel.

    The rooms, five in all, are very large and quiet. The wooden ceilings and stone floors have been deliberately kept the original building to give to these environments the beauty of history that distinguishes them.

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