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    An introduction to the Circuit de Monaco

    The Monaco circuit is the most famous route anywhere in the world, not only for the history of the race but also for the skill required to drive the circuit, and the party atmosphere open to all spectators, including the significant celebratory following.

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    Fast cars and big yachts are two elements that combine to make the Monaco circuit so popular among drivers and fans alike, and when you add in stunning mountain scenery, blue seas and a bustling city centre, it’s not surprising the event’s appeal is timeless.

    Businesses like the F1 Paddock Club Monaco are a wonderful way to get the best out of the event and give yourself a taste of the celebrity lifestyle that is more prevalent at this event than most other sporting events worldwide.

    The Sunday Express outlines the live streaming of the event for those unable to make it into the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, or indeed get to see the event trackside, to watch it from the comfort of your own home online.

    Race history

    William Grover Williams was the winner of the inaugural Monaco race in 1929 in his Bugatti. 1950 saw the first world championship race, which was not repeated until 1955. From then on, Monaco has been a permanent listing on the F1 circuit, and a route that is as popular with drivers as their home track; it’s the race every driver wants to win.

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    The technical skills of the course are magnified by the few straights and numerous tight corners around the route, and the lack of space to overtake. Sadly, four drivers have lost their lives during the race’s history in Monaco, and whilst safety has been reviewed and improved, only 160m of additional ‘track’ has been added to the race.

    Monaco facts

    The race is driven over 260km, across 78 laps, so there is plenty of chance to see the cars. Other than the obvious motorsport, there is plenty of luxury shopping to be done. For a more cultured trip, check out the history in Monaco’s old town and the Prince’s Palace, or the stunning St Nicholas Cathedral. Get a completely different perspective on the race by hiring a yacht or boat and watching the action from the water.

    The big decision is where you watch the race? With Monaco, there are always lots of options.

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