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    7 things you need to see/do in Dubai

    In Dubai everything is gigantic, enormous, heightened to maximum potential, lavish and without limits. This city of monumental size and frenzied life is also one of the most recognised references for international tourism seeking to discover the incomparable exuberant culture of the United Arab Emirates. Discovering Dubai takes a lot of time and reading whilst trying not to get lost among all the colours, aromas and sensations that encase this capital from the streets to the skyscrapers. Here, we have for you the 7 things you must do in Dubai to really make the most of your holiday. Pen and pencil at the ready… Have a good trip!

    Bur Dubai. Otherwise known as Downtown Dubai, is located on the western part of the river and is the historic district of the capital. Here, you will discover the best ambiance, enjoy a wide choice of nightlife, monuments and museums; have fun in the parks or leisure zones; relax in the best hotels and go shopping… Do not forget to visit the impressive Burj Khalifa, where a multitude of attractions await you and where you can admire the best skyscrapers in the world. If you are looking for comfortable and high-quality accommodation at a good price, you can find it easily here. Some, like Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa or Mövenpick Hotel offer good rates and location.

    Grand Mosque. You can visit this by heading through the Bur Dubai or by staying in the historic district of the city. Although you will find many different mosques wandering around Dubai, the Grand Mosque is recognised not only by its temple, but also by its minaret, which is the tallest in the city and offers spectacular views.

    The Dubai Fountain. Of course it is the largest fountain in the world. Seeing it at night is a show in itself because the water becomes all different colours with a dancing light display at the bottom of the fountain. Surrounded by buildings, this is the best place to admire the beauty of the terrace of Dubai Mall, in front of the side of the Burj Khalifa. Take advantage of organising an afternoon shopping trip in the zone and afterwards dine there to enjoy this incredible sight.

    Palm Jumeirah. The grand artificial island of Dubai is where you will find nature and sea. By air, you can see how perfectly formed the construction of this city’s symbol is. Here, you will find beautiful beaches, various sport marinas plagued with luxury yachts and, of course, exclusive residential zones and infinite skyscrapers.

    Spice Souk. In a place called Dubai Creek is where you can enjoy a truly magical place. This is a spice souk with the most exotic aromas imaginable. Full of life and colour, this souk is one of the most recognised and famous in Dubai. It is located in the Deira zone, where you can appreciate the charming streets and traditional ambiance, the complete opposite to the modern side of the capital.

    Sky Dubai. This city is full of surprise, one of which is, without a doubt, Sky Dubai. A place where you can snowboard as if you were in the Alpes: 20,000 m2 of covered ski slopes, at the same temperature as even the highest mountains with a chairlift and other facilities. Yes, ski in the desert. There is nothing you cannot do in Dubai.

    Safari in the desert. Apart from the wide choice of leisure and business in the city, Dubai is actually a desert and if you travel away from the capital you should not miss out on discovering this up close and personal. There are a number of qualified companies that organise safaris that will allow you to discover the sea of sand dunes and incredible fauna that surround the capital.

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